Banish bedhead hair with the Hair Wrap and wake up to smooth, glossy and frizz-free tresses. Tossing and turning against abrasive and moisture-absorbent bed linen can damage the hair cuticle, leading to breakage. This nightly friction hinders hair growth and can contribute to thinning hair, frizz, tangles and split ends. Designed to combat overnight damage, this innovative hair wrap is made of the finest 100% Mulberry silk, to provide the ultimate luxury and optimal hair benefits, as satin also strips moisture and oils away from the hair.

The opulent, knotted wrap allows you to truly get your beauty sleep, helping to cut down your morning hair-care routine. Glamourous and comfortable to wear, the silk hair wrap protects your cuticles against friction damage. The hair cuticle glides effortlessly against the pure silk, eliminating friction and tugging to prevent frizz, breakage and split ends. Helping to distribute your natural oils throughout the hair to nourish and condition, the must-have hair accessory offers multiple benefits. Your hair is safely cocooned, working the natural oils from root to tip as an overnight conditioning treatment. Oils are no longer concentrated at the roots and are instead distributed throughout the hair, ideal for those who suffer from greasy roots and dry, brittle ends.

The wrap also promotes thicker hair, while helping to extend the time between washes and blow dries. Hair is protected in in the Anagen (growing) phase against the abrasive friction that inhibits growth, providing new and existing hair with the best environment to grow, increasing hair thickness and length. In addition to caring for your hair, the wrap also helps to ensure that you wake up looking fabulous. Your hairstyle is protected overnight to help minimise the damage from repetitive re-styling and save time in the morning. The hair wrap is also amazing for those who wear extensions, helping to reduce tugging and tension damage at the roots while preventing tangled or matted hair, preserving your luscious locks for longer.